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Insure My Life Right, LLC is an independent insurance agency. We represent multiple insurance companies.  Each person, each family has a different need for their insurance coverage.  Each insurance company has different specialties. Because we represent many carriers, we have more options with b


Our Story

Ben & Jennifer Gerritsen
Ben works in retirement planning, estate preservation,  income preservation & asset protection specialist and mortgage financing.  
 Ben is licensed in life, health, disability insurance agent with the certified Long Term Care Professional (LTCP).  Ben is also a licensed mortgage loan officer in the mortgage industry.  He has helped many families and business over the past decade with financing to either purchase or restructure debts and assets.

 Ben is a member of NAIFA (National Association of Investment and Financial Advisors).

Jennifer has worked in the banking industry for 10 years. She has been a life insurance agent for the past 3 years.  She represents multiple life insurance companies.  She has also worked in funeral pre-planning.
When Jennifer had just turned 7 years old, her father passed away from a tragic accident at the age of 45.  Within 10 days of being married, her mom passed away from an unexpected illness that took her.
Ben & Jennifer have the goal to help each individual and family be prepared for the unexpected occurances that happens when least expected by any of us.  Too  many people say that they don’t need coverage right now or nothing will happen to them in the near future or that they don’t need a disability or a long term care plan because they will live  a perfectly healthy life and nothing will happen to them before they die.  And then some people believe they will never need life insurance for them or their spouse or children as they will each live long lives.    That would be the ideal world for everyone, so we all would love.  First hand experience has shown to us, this is not the case.  Life Happens.  Just as we are born, so will we die.  And at times, it is in the least expected moment and not at the moment, time or the age that we nor our family thought of.  We must be prepared in all aspects.  
Our goal is to help individuals and families with being prepared so when tough the challenges of life happen, our clients are prepared better to face the challenges to lessen the financial and emotional impact that comes with the challenges of life.
Ben & Jennifer have 3 boys. Jeremy, Alex & Isaac.
  • Ben Gerritsen (Licensed in Utah, AR, GA, MI, OH, SC; Products; Annuities, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Specialty Insurance for Athletes, Executives, Artists), Health Insurance, Health Supplemental Insurance (Accident, cancer policies, dental).
  • Jennifer Gerritsen (Utah; Products: Life Insurance, Final Expense, Annuities)