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How to File a Complaint against a Long-Term Care Facility
A prevalent question for many consumers is "How do I file a complaint against a long-term care facility. Assisted living and residential care facilities are the fastest growing type of senior housing for older adults. Both fill the space between nursing homes and board and care homes. Assisted living is tremendously appealing to consumers because it meets the need of older individuals receiving necessary care and services in a home-like environment. In the event that a loved one comes a

Should I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?
There comes a time in most everyone???s life when they ask themselves, ???Should I buy long-term care???? The answer is: most likely, but how? About 70% of people age 65 and older will need long-term care se

Are you prepared for the single highest cost through retirement?
The average life expectancy in the US is currently 79.8 years; 77.4 for men & 82.2 for women (WHO; World Health Organization). A recent study by The Measure of America in 2013???2014??lists Utah as the 10th best state for life expectancy in the U.S. with an average age of 80.2. A life expectancy article published by Ray M. Merrill, a professor at Brigham Young University show???s that the life expectancy for non-smokers vs. smokers in Utah increased by 7.3 years. As the average

Garret Hawks signs with Seahawks & gets cut same day due to heart condition
The dreams of a little boy making it to the NFL and being drafted by a team is a a natural high that few experience in their life time.?? Being given the body to compete at this level is

The hit that ended the career of NFL star Russell Allen of Jacksonville Jaguar’s
???Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen thought he had his bell rung against the Bills in week 15 last season. ??He played through the injury and double vision, but two days later found he???d suffered a stroke on the field. ??A dead spot in his brain means he???ll never play football again.??? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? - Robert Klemko In an interview with Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated, Allen provides a powerful first person account of his injury, the

Transamerica Life Insurance
  Transamerica Life Insurance (more…)

How to calculate how much life insurance you need for proper coverage
How do I know how much life insurance I need to get for me, for my wife and for my children? Have you actually sat down and calculated how much money your family or beneficiaries need based on your situation? Before you throw out the final figure on the life insurance application, you owe it to your family to Calculate how much life insurance you need for your particular situation. Many people guess and throw out a figure based on a round figure of say "100 thousand or 200 thousand or 5

Final Expense Insurance, It’s a matter of love for your family
Do your parents or grandparents have a final expense policy in place? If not, they ought to. The benefits of having a final expense policy if far worth everything for you & your families sake. Many people think they are set by having a term life insurance policy. ??The same??people feel they have enough money in the bank and don't need to have a final expense plan (final expense life insurance policy) as they'll pay for not just the funeral but for any other associated expenses and bills

Warning to Women About Life Insurance
A Warning to Women About Life Insurance - Your Husband is in No Rush to Buy! Attention married women. I write this article to convince you that if you do not find a way to convince your husband to purchase life insurance, you may be waiting a long time before he wants to buy it. The odds are that when he is ready, it will be extremely costly because he will have been told by someone in the medical profession he has some type of condition which will

Disability Insurance Facts vs. Fiction
It is all too common in the emergency departement: a 25-year-old sustains multiple fractures from a motorcycle accident; a 40-year-old with no cardiac risk factors who has an acute MI. ??Every day, average people suffer unexpected injury or illness which requires them to miss work and substantially reduces their income. So why is it that as physicians our mentality is one of invincibility, that somehow we can escape the same common ailments that plague our pa