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Insure My Life Right, LLC is an independent insurance agency. We represent multiple insurance companies. Each person, each family has a different need for their insurance coverage. Each insurance company has different specialties. Because we represent many carriers, we have more options with better


Life Insurance – Complete Online Application

To get an accurate quote, we must understand each individual. It???s just like going to the doctor. ??Before a doctor prescribes care, he & his staff first need to understand what???s going on. We work the same way. We must understand your goals, desires & your personal situation. ??To do this, we have a very thorough online life insurance application to assist us so we can help you get the accurate quotes based upon your individual situation.


The Application goes through each of the questions that are needed for a complete underwriting of life insurance.

In addition to the online application, there may be additional forms and or questions pending on the answers and responses to the online application.

The Full Life Insurance Application does not give you an instant online quote.

We will receive your quote customize quotes for you based on the information you provide to us in the full life insurance application.

Pending on the type and the amount of life insurance??requested, some applications do not require a paper application to be signed, some carriers and products will require a paper application to be signed. If you are going to need a paper application to be signed, this will be done after the online application has been completed.