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Garret Hawks signs with Seahawks & gets cut same day due to heart condition

The dreams of a little boy making it to the NFL and being drafted by a team is a a natural high that few experience in their life time.  Being given the body to compete at this level is Seattle Seahawks Rookie Minicampa blessing that is to not be taken for granite.

But there’s a catch, being drafted doesn’t guarantee that you’ll automatically play in games each Sunday or on Monday night. Each player has to pass a physical from team doctors that clear you to play.   You have to make the roster to paly (cuts that the team has).

To be given the body, the skills to play, the work ethic to continually improve and the mindset and attitude is the perfect combination to be paid an income that is wished by the majority of sport fans that only a select few will obtain.  To have the ability to earn the money to play at the highest level is a blessing from above for the body that was given to the athlete. To those that don’t understand the work it takes to obtain the level of achievement may say it is by pure luck that they were chosen over another athlete. But to the athletes and their families it’s the beginning of having the first pay-day from all the hard mornings and days of working out and going to practice, the days of missing sleep in the early morning hours and two a day work outs, not having the extra deserts that others enjoy, running drills that others aren’t willing to do when you want the extra edge.

Garret Hawks signed with the Seattle Seahawks and the same day he got cut due to a heart condition that was found by the team doctor.  Most teams would not have even signed him to allow him to get paid the money by merely signing a contract with the team.  This was a very gracious momento by the Seahawks organization. They are a top class organization to treat a draft pick that never had the chance to prove himself in a game for the organization.  To pay him an amount of money that most would never dream of earning in one year little own three to 5 years at a top corporate level is a huge blessing to this young man.

What would the financial benefits have been for Garret Hawks if he would have had a disability insurance policy in addition to signing the contract with the SeaHawks?  He would have collected not only the money the team paid him (in the neighborhood of $500,000), but also the amount from the insurance policy.

Funds paid on disability insurance is tax free income.  This is a huge benefit as athletes are taxed at high income tax rates.

The average life span of an NFL player is three years. With the average life span in mind, the meaning of NFL can be change to “Not For Long”. Chances of an injury and not being able to return to play at the highest competitive level increase as the stakes get higher as we age. Having a body that allows one to compete at this level and knowing the risks associated with an injury that can occur to not allow an athlete to return to the field to play or even some unknown medical issue (whether a heart issue or concussions, etc.) is a high risk.

What was once a fantasy of a young boy now becomes a business decision for the athlete’s at young ages to protect future income with the talent they have and the body they have been blessed with.

Protecting the financial future is a key business decision that each athlete and their family have to put into perspective.  The few short years that are in front of them doesn’t last long.  In case of the worse case scenario, each family needs to know that having a “what if” plan be in place is the guarantee payday in case the unexpected curve ball is thrown in the future path of the athlete.

Professional athletes as well as select collegiate athletes can purchase a disability insurance policy to protect their future income from injury, sickness or medical challenges.

Insure My Life Right, LLC is an insurance agency that provides disability insurance for athletes through Lloyds of London underwriters.

Athletes that play in the following sports that are eligible for a Lloyds of London disability insurance policy include: Football (NFL & collegiate leverl), Soccer (MLS), Basketball (NBA & collegiate level), Baseball (MLB), Hockey (NHL), Golf, Tennis, Race Car driving.

Other Lloyd’s of London disability insurance options can be for high income earners, doctors, medical professionals, attorneys, sales agents, executives, pilots, business loan guarantors up to 100 Million USD. | 801-747-9176