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Insure My Life Right, LLC is an independent insurance agency. We represent multiple insurance companies.  Each person, each family has a different n


Medical Transportation

Emergency Transportation Insurance Plan

We offer Medical Air Transportation insurance, a world wide service to any landing strip that a US based Airplane (jet) can land. 

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Medical Air Services Association, or MASA Assist, offers a service that is the perfect complement when traveling to your insurance portfolio – prepaid emergency assistance. MASA Assist is the industry leader with nearly 40 years in business.

Every year, over 550,000 people in the U.S. are flown by medical helicopters and air ambulances for emergency care (Source: Association of Air Medical Services), and millions are transported by ground ambulance.

The down side to most people, only a small percentage of health insurance policies will pay for any part of an air ambulance bill.   Medicare does not cover the cost of an air ambulance costs.

Medical Air Services Association, MASA Assist, is an international organization that is dedicated to providing its members with life saving, emergency assistance services.  Whether you are at home, on the job, or traveling around the world, you and your family have the peace of mind to have the top notch elite medical service at your disposal no matter where you travel for a very small cost, less than $1 per day.

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Everyone that applies Qualifies to Become a Member of MASA Assist!

  • Guaranteed Issue – Absolutely No Underwriting
  • NO Health Questions
  • NO Claim Forms
  • NO Deductibles
  • NO Out of Pocket Expenses
  • NO Age Limits
  • NO One Can Be Turned Down
  • Individual or Family plans available

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