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Insure My Life Right, LLC is an independent insurance agency. We represent multiple insurance companies. Each person, each family has a different need for their insurance coverage. Each insurance company has different specialties. Because we represent many carriers, we have more options with better


Doctors & Physician???s Disability Insurance

Doctors & Physician’s Disability Insurance – High Income for the Medical Professionals

A doctor’s ability to earn a sizeable income is predicated on the ability to see patients, perform surgery(ies) and the roles that bring in the most amount of money based on their specialty.

Traditional insurers often fall short of the??replacement ratios necessary to??adequately protect a doctor’s income.

We provide high limit disability insurance solutions for medical professionals that other carriers do not offer.

Whether you are a general MD, surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, cardiovascular surgeon, opthamologist, anesthesiologist,??radiologist, Dentist, endodontist, Podiatrist, Neuro Surgeon, Internist, Vascular Surgeon, Oral Surgeon, Dermatologist,??Emergency Physician,??and other types of physicans. your income cannot be replaced??

Physician’s Disability Insurance Includes:

??? Monthly Benefits up to $150,000 per month

??? Elimination Periods of 90, 180 and 365 days

??? Benefit Periods up to 60 months, plus Lump??Sum Benefits to an aggregate of??$10,000,000+

??? Individual or Multi-Life Coverage

??? Residual Benefit Rider and COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) available

??? Own Occupation Definitions available (This means if a surgeon cannot perform the duties of a surgeon, you are eligible for full benefits. You can still work as a medical professor or other occupation, just not as a surgeon, etc.).

Case Study Example

A surgeon earning $900,000 per year obtained $20,000 per month of disability coverage through traditional outlets. We underwrote an additional $25,000 per month followed by a lump sum of $900,000 to facilitate appropriate coverage in the event of a disability.

Case Study Example

Six radiology partners required a disability policy to fund their Buy/Sell agreement. We ??bound a practice owned Buy-Out Disability policy insuring each partner of the practice for an aggregate of $10 million of total coverage.