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Pay a little today or pay a lot more tomorrow for Long Term Care

What is the The Real Cost by Waiting to have a Long Term Care Insurance plan in place?

You can chose if you pay a little today or you can pay a lot more down the road. ??If you live longer, statistics are that you will pay for Long Term Care, it’s either a little now or a whole lot out of your pocket later. You take the pick on how you plan to pay for your or your loved ones care and also the quality of your care.

Seniors and their families across America pay millions of dollars each month every??year for the basic necessary care that is both critical and also very expensive for the care of a loved one. ??The??cost for the care can top a staggering $90,000 per year!??Despite the devastating financial risk long term care poses, many healthy??seniors have put off getting coverage mistakenly thinking one of a few thoughts: 1) They will never need the care and they will be ok with their health and their finances 2) The government will take care of them through either Medicare or Medicaid, 3) Their Children will take care of them both with their health and their finances or 4) ??They will worry about Long Term Care when they retire or if something happens and they can get??it later ???when they need it???. Many well into??their 60s still insist they???re ???too young??? to get insurance not??realizing it may already be too late.

Is it true you can wait to get insurance later ???when you need it???? At what cost will it be at to wait to keep putting it off?

Discover the answers that serves as a cautionary to those who think you can ???put off till tomorrow what you can do today???.

The high cost of long term care is the single greatest financial risk facing seniors today.??

Even with the cost of health care for seniors rising each year, many healthy seniors still don???t have long term care insurance to help pay for this expensive care. Many think they can wait to get it later. Many think they will never get sick enough or that they are not going to ever need to have a plan in place to cover something that they will never use. ??This is very common for individuals in their 40’s, 50’s & 60’s to think.

It???s simple math. The cost of care in the future is much, much more expensive than the cost of buying insurance today.

  • There are more people turning 65 every day than ever before.??
  • People are living longer, which increases the cost of care.
  • The Government is Bleeding from the amount of debt and payments they make.
  • What quality of health care do you think will be through the government sponsored programs?
  • Do you want quality care for either you, your spouse or a parent or other family member?
  • Does this save you money by waiting? ?? It may save a small amount of money now, but by waiting, statistics show that those who wait end up spending 2/3rds to 3/4ths of their liquid assets and and net worth on the cost of health care before as a senior. ??If your spouse outlives you, what is left for them and their care? What about for a life style to live?
  • By spending a little each month is a lot less than a lot more when the care is needed.

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